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Information about Plovdiv

Plovdiv Airport Car HirePlovdiv is one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. It is located in the Southwestern Bulgaria and has many cultural and historical attractions. One of them is the old part of the city – “The old town” preserve. The Old Town of Plovdiv has many small cobblestone streets, old houses, and antique shops. It is famous for its traditional Bulgarian atmosphere and the revolutionary spirit that has sustained the Bulgarian people through the centuries.

The buildings are divided into two groups. The first group of houses corresponds to the asymmetric mountain type, but enriched to the needs of the urban life. The second group is called Plovdiv symmetrical house. This group of buildings is characterized by a unique national interpretation of the European baroque. The most famous builder of this period is the Hadji Georgi Hadjiiski master who has built some of the most beautiful houses in the prereserve.
The architectural historic prereserve The Old Plovdiv is located in the central part of the city. The town was formed by many cultures the Thracian, the Roman period, the Late-antique period, the Medieval period, the Renaissance and the Post-liberation periods.

Plovdiv Airport Car HireThe city of Plovdiv was found in 1200 b.c with the name Evmolpia. In 341 BC. it was conquered by Philip II Makedonski. The city took the name Filipopolis. From the I to the IV century, the city falls within the Roman Empire. From the IV to the IX century Plovdiv is within the Byzantine Empire. In this period were built many houses and churches with mosaics and marble slabs. In 812during the reign of khan Krum, Plovdiv became part of the first Bulgarian country.

The cultural and the historical value of the Old Town” preserve is defined by the great archaeological, architectural, and artistic heritage. The earliest archaeological finds of the Thracian settlement are located on the three hills, and life here hasn’t stopped in all subsequent ages until today.

From the Roman and the Late-Antique periods best preserved are the Roman Theater, the Ancient Forum, the Stadium, the Christian churches, several public and private buildings, the water pipes, parts of walls built during the ancient and the medieval ages. Plovdiv Airport Car HireThe authentic architecture and several churches, and school buildings are preserved from the National Renaissance period.

Culture and History

Thracian Tombs

In the small village of Starosel in the northern region of the Plovdiv province you will find a huge collection of Neolithic and Thracian monuments showing the richness of the Thracians who lived in the region. Starosel also boasts a large temple with a mausoleum form the Thracian period.

Plovdiv Airport Car HireRoman Theatre
If you travel to the city of Plovdiv, the capital of the Plovdiv region, you will find an exquisite Roman theatre dating back to the first century.
This Roman theatre holds seven thousand spectators and was built under the orders of the Roman Emperor Trajan.

What is really impressive about this Roman theatre is that it lay undiscovered for centuries, maybe even over a thousand years, until the 1970’s when a freak landslide uncovered the remains. Time was dedicated to excavating and preserving this wonderful Roman monument and today it is in such good condition that it is still used for concerts and theatrical performances during the summer months.

Plovdiv Airport Car HireAsenova Krepost
This medieval fortress found outside the city of Asenovgrad dates back to around the eleventh century and then built on by the famous Bulgarian tsar Ivan Asen II; this fortress has become synonymous with the struggles of Tsar Asen II against the Byzantine Empire.

Found high above Asenovgrad in the mountains it’s not hard to see why this amazing building is so special.

Bachkovo Monastery
Founded in the eleventh century and located seven miles south of Asenovgrad the Bachkovo Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries in Bulgaria.

Plovdiv Airport Car HireThis religious relic from the past is still used by monks of the Eastern Orthodox faith today and is a must for anyone who is interested in religion or history.

Plovdiv is a place unknown to many yet carries more culture and history than many of the most well known cities of the world. If you are looking to build on your knowledge of history or wish to find out more about the culture of Eastern Europe, Plovdiv is the place to visit.